Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Youtube dominate today’s online experience. Social Media become more prevalent in marketing every day. Naturally, this translates to sports marketing as well. Passionate sports fans are flocking to teams’ social media outlets for more access, updated team information and connecting with other fans.

social_media_xSports teams are learning how to utilize and monetize these platforms more than ever before. Knox Sports is dedicated to keeping our finger on the pulse of the social media industry.

We have successfully tied social media into our clients’ marketing initiatives by bringing new, innovative opportunities that are in line with their marketing goals. Social media can, and should, be used as an integrated part of almost every campaign. We take social media beyond a generic post and into a measurable, trackable program.

If your company is already actively pursuing social media or looking to get your feet wet, Knox Sports can help. We can integrate fresh social media ideas into your current of future sports marketing packages. We can even assist you in social media endeavors that fall outside the sports’ world. Our staff is qualified, dedicated and some would say fanatical. Most importantly, we are equipped to handle it all.