Our Typical Client

Corporate folks who choose to negotiate their own sponsorship contracts are often led to this decision because of the ego and prestige associated with working with a sports organization.

Sports sponsorship decision makers within companies typically choose to either negotiate this relationship on their own or they rely on their traditional advertising agency to present them the best deal. The truth is that neither of these scenarios are the right answer.

Corporate folks who do their own deals are usually controlled by the ego of the team relationship. They may believe that because a particular contract has been in their purview for years, they are uniquely qualified to know true valuation of the sponsorship inventory. However, who gave these folks these “values”? If this information came from the sports property, then the wolf is in the kitchen. A better answer is to let an outside expert that has worked on these contracts with this property and dozens of other like contracts evaluate this inventory. Knox Sports is this expert and we guarantee that we can deliver a better negotiated contract or we will not take the business.

Some companies mistakenly rely on their traditional advertising agencies to negotiate their sports contracts. Sure these folks are terrific at spots, dots, ratings and GRP’s…but do they know sports? The answer is most assuredly no. Agencies try to fit sports buys into the world they understand and present it to their clients that way. Signage and promotions are translated into CPM equivalents. Marketing campaigns that are running in traditional media are just dropped into game environments like a lost dog. Contract effectiveness is sometimes measured in seat locations instead of customer counts.

If you want proof of any of the above, ask your sports sponsorship partner who signs the most ineffective contracts with them every season. You will get one of two answers: An in-house decision maker that let their sports passion control their budget, or an agency that simply never asked the right questions to deliver an effective relationship to their client.

So, if having the most effective sports sponsorship for your money is your goal, then you just became our typical client.