Jennifer Kniese Hope- Bio

Jennifer Kniese

Jennifer Kniese

New Business Development

Tampa, Florida

Jennifer joined Knox Sports in January 2008 to head our New Business Development department. Prior to joining Knox Sports, Jennifer worked for ESPN Regional at the University of South Florida, and with ISP Sports at the University of Southern Mississippi. While working on the team side of the business, Jennifer developed and sold sponsorship packages, executed consumer promotions, and managed game-day staffers during athletic events. Her role here at Knox Sports is to create new business relationships, negotiate contracts with sponsoring organizations, and maintain and service client accounts.

Jennifer received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Marketing from Clemson University. While at Clemson, Jennifer played a key role in reviving Sport Plus, an on-campus sports marketing group, which allowed members to interact with sports marketing executives nationwide.

Jennifer has a passion for baseball; she enjoys traveling and meeting new people. Jennifer currently resides in sunny Tampa, FL.