Induce Trial

Asking a consumer to switch their purchasing habits is one of the toughest jobs of any marketer. Fortunately, there is not a more effective platform to reach your potential customer than sports marketing.

The passion consumers have for their team combined with a highly attractive promotion can push these driven fans to this new purchase. The huge caveat here is the right promotion. Trust Knox Sports to fill this creative void. Our clients – frustrated with teams failing to come up with true trial inducing promotions – turn to us for success.

Knox Sports Marketing has a proven track record of creative sports promotions that entice people into trying a new product. We tap into the natural fan passion and not only induce trial, but create buying habits. As with all of the contracts we negotiate for our corporate clients, your company will save time and money while achieving your goals. The bottom line is that your sponsorship dollars will go farther when you engage Knox Sports Marketing to represent you in your negotiation.

Let us take your product and your marketing goals to the next level. If getting people to try your product is your goal, than Knox Sports Marketing without a doubt is your solution. Check out some of the case studies listed, we are confident that these samples of success will show you that Knox Sports Marketing is the sports sponsorship negotiation company for you!