Increase Traffic

Knox Sports can move consumers to act. The case studies in this section are so impressive they are hard to believe. Did 146,000 people really walk into a furniture store? Better yet, did 13,000 people willingly walk into an insurance agent’s office? The answer is yes! We invite you to call our proud family of clients and ask about us. Give us a goal and we will exceed your expectations.

Sports fans are incredibly passionate about their teams. They always want more, and at Knox Sports, we find creative ways to tap into that passion and translate it into a unique customer visit to your retail location. The simple register-to-win ticket sweepstakes that most teams try to sell is simply not good enough. Let the experts at Knox Sports craft a traffic driving promotion that talks to your consumers.

Whether you are an insurance company, grocery store, or retail store, Knox Sports has the experience and expertise to get people to walk through your doors. In this unique niche of sports marketing and promotions, Knox Sports can create a plan that will absolutely drive traffic to your business. Not only will Knox Sports Marketing be able to create an effective plan to increase traffic, you will know that you got the lowest priced sponsorship contract possible. If we don’t think it’s the best deal we can do, we won’t recommend it.