Case Study – Virginia Farm Bureau



Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance is just like any other company – they want new business. They want new customers to try any of their insurance products (home, life, auto, health). They feel confident about retaining their customers once they give them the opportunity.

Trying to get people to walk into an insurance agent’s office is about as easy as getting a child to eat brussels sprouts. So naturally, they called on the experts at Knox Sports for help.


The goal is to drive traffic to Farm Bureau agents’ offices. This will familiarize potential customers with location and the office personnel as well as gather data for a future sales call with the direct opportunity for inducing trial.


Virginia Tech

It was an uphill battle, but with cooperation and negotiation, we were able to implement a third-party ticket promotion with McDonald’s at Virginia Tech in the fall. The crux of the promotion was that fans could take their ticket stub (with Farm Bureau logo on the back) into any Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance agent’s office, and redeem it for a free McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger. We worked with the folks at Virginia Tech to get the McDonald’s coupons to Farm Bureau agents around the State, and we alerted all McDonald’s stores to be ready for the response.

Virginia Cavaliers


Any ‘Hoos fan will tell you that their favorite time of year is Spring. The snow is melting, the flowers are blooming, and the Cavaliers are winning on the field! Baseball and Lacrosse are two of Virginia’s premier sports, which is why we focused our member benefit piece around those two programs. Virginia Farm Bureau Members can receive free tickets to all home UVa lacrosse games and all home conference baseball games.

Minor League Baseball


We implemented a membership benefits program at all eight (8) minor league baseball teams so that Virginia Farm Bureau members can get into any minor league baseball game in Virginia in the month of August for FREE.


Virginia Tech

It was overwhelming. In year one, over 8,000 people actually walked into Farm Bureau agent’s offices all over the State of Virginia to redeem their ticket for a free double cheeseburger. We just wrapped up year three of this promotion in March and the numbers were outstanding- over 13,000 members walked into an agent’s office to redeem their ticket.

Virginia Cavaliers

Since the genesis of this promotion, ticket distribution has grown exponentially year over year. In year three we gave members nearly 2,000 free tickets to spring events at UVa.

Minor League Baseball
This promotion has been a Member favorite over the years, and has only been increasing in popularity with over 3,000 baseball tickets given away to members Statewide.