Case Study – Virginia 529


Virginia529 came to Knox Sports with two goals to achieve. First, they wanted to grow their core business by adding new account holders in Virginia, and secondly they wanted to find ways to reward their current customers.


For Virginia529, their key target demographic is young families with college bound kids, so partnering with Universities was an obvious answer. Knox Sports created multifaceted partnerships with schools across their footprint to accomplish their objectives. At James Madison University, a regional reading initiative brought in almost 1000 new family names every year. Similar results were achieved at George Mason.


To reward current members Knox Sports created an overarching rewards program where current Virginia529 families get to enjoy free tickets to sports all over the Commonwealth including every Minor League baseball team in the State, basketball tickets to games at Virginia Tech, George Mason, University of Richmond and VCU, and football games at JMU and the University of Virginia. This year, over 5,000 member families took advantage of this membership perk.


Virginia529 can attest to the power of success of using Knox Sports to achieve corporate goals through athletics sponsorship!