Case Study – Our Family


Our Family Brand is the generic label used by parent company Nash Finch for a huge range of products distributed to all their grocers and other independents across the upper Midwest. As with all generics, Our Family Brand needed heightened exposure and trial. Of no less importance was the need to entertain key customers representing these independent grocers in unique settings where a complete buy-in could be closed.


The unifying sports force in The Our Family strategic trade area was the Minnesota Twins. Knox Sports created a three-tiered promotional relationship with the Minnesota Twins that would generate great brand sizzle, and a memory-making consumer hospitality function.
First, Our Family Brand became the entitlement sponsor of the “Official Minnesota Twins Tailgate Party”. All the food served at this huge outside tented affair was Our Family Brand products, so internal and external customers could sample the fare in a great setting.

Next, a Statewide sweepstakes was created for fans in Twins territory to register to win space inside this tailgate every home Saturday night. The media support the Twins provided behind this sweepstakes was valued at more than 4x the sponsorship cost.

Finally, this tailgate function provided a natural environment for Our Family Brand to entertain key customers and potential new accounts. In terms of execution, these folks saw a brand that they may not have been familiar with previously on a big stage.


Promotional buy-in at retail was over 90%. This program continues and is still very successful at Target Field.