Case Study – HOPS Restaurants


National Restaurant Chain that had 13 markets that needed local branding and sales push.


Increase Branding, Sales & Traffic with non-traditional and budgeted spending.


Tailored organizational relationships with college and minor league teams that accurately reflected unique marketplace situations. Every program was dramatically different and with extremely limited budgets, needed immediate results.

Columbus Ohio:

Developed traffic-building program with local minor league baseball team. Customers bring unique offer/registration piece to store. Heavy in-stadium support and community mascot program build brand.

Memphis/Colorado Springs:

Area had just been hit with a number of high profile DUI situations. So, this Brewery/Restaurant sponsored safe ride home programs in both markets with signage and ticketback execution

Lafeyette, LA:

Value market, developed massive coupon distribution program with local university across all sports and vanues where 500,000 coupons were hand-distributed to patrons over 5 months for free appetizers.

Tampa, FL

Entitled new marathon in Area. Garnered over $250,000 in media coverage the first year. This became a benchmark for community giving programs in Tampa Bay Area.

Bowling Green, KY

Over previous year Hepatitis C scare with aggressive, fun University basketball promotion “Hops Free Shots contest”


Same Store sales in 13 key markets experienced 6% growth with average market expenditure of $20,000.