Case Study – Circle K


Circle K needed to drive traffic to their stores and create new habits for potential new convenience store customers by showing off their newly remodeled stores in the Tallahassee market. The marketing hook for this plan was their new and improved hot dog.


Knox Sports executed a promotion that takes place at Florida State University baseball games. Anytime the Seminoles’ pitchers combined for 8 strikeouts in a game, everyone at the stadium receives a coupon for a free hot dog at any Tallahassee area Circle K. Each time a Seminole pitcher records a strikeout an FSU ball girl runs to the Circle K outfield wall sign and affixes a Circle K “K” on the sign, indicating how many strikeouts there have been that game.


The promotion at the FSU Baseball games has become wildly popular with the fans. Once the team reaches seven strikeouts in a game the fans begin to chant “hot dog, hot dog” until the feat is accomplished. Last year alone 18,000 coupons were handed out at the games. Circle K deemed this promotion a success based on the increased traffic in store and their hot dog sales. Their branding effort paid off as well, their popular outfield wall signage and the chanting of “hot dog, hot dog” by the FSU fans is a clear indication that fans understand about Circle K and their marketing efforts. Circle K has repeated the promotion again this season.