Case Study – CCM Graphics

National on-demand print company looking for Business-to-Business opportunites in the world of sports. Secondary goal was to entertain key clients in an environment where their brand was highlighted.

Worked with three major NCAA BCS schools to carve out a unique business partnership whereby the schools converted their print spending to CCM and for every $4 dollars the school spends, CCM will spend a $1 back in sponsorship dollars with their athletics program. Their sports sponsorships allow them to enterain their key clients, provides space for their on-site mobile unit, brands their logo at high traffic hospitality areas and uses the Internet to bring future customers back to their website to trial their printing services.

CCM has gained three terrific new prestige accounts with these schools and the sponsorship execution has been used as instrumental hospitality and branding to create new business. CCM has renewed all three contracts for the next term, with two of these agreements growing substantially.