brandingSports marketing is the best branding tool on the Planet. Period. It is absolutely inarguable.
This is why companies pay enormous premiums to associate their brand with athletic franchises.
A sign in a stadium is seen by 100x less folks than the same sign on the highway outside and costs more.
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Everyone knows bringing your customer to a sporting event can create a lasting bond.
What you might not know is how truly amazing once-in-a-lifetime experiences can be.
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Induce Trial

Asking a consumer to switch their purchasing habits is one of the toughest jobs of any marketer.
Fortunately, there is not a more effective platform to reach your potential customer than sports marketing.
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Increase Traffic

Knox Sports can move consumers to act.
The case studies in this section are so impressive they are hard to believe.
Did 146,000 people really walk into a furniture store?
Better yet, did 13,000 people willingly walk into an insurance agent’s office?
The answer is yes! We invite you to call our proud family of clients and ask about us.
Give us a goal and we will exceed your expectations.
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