Sports marketing is the best branding tool on the Planet. Period. It is absolutely inarguable. This is why companies pay enormous premiums to associate their brand with athletic franchises. A sign in a stadium is seen by 100x less folks than the same sign on the highway outside and costs more. Effectiveness justifies expense. However, only if it is done right. There are two keys to efficient sports branding: experience and creativity. What should effective sports branding cost? The only answer is experiential negotiation. Too many companies or agencies who work with just a few sports properties a year feel that they know what branding should cost based on their very limited background. A better answer is to use an expert like Knox Sports that already knows what that branding should cost based on years of negotiations with your potential partner and like organizations. When you use Knox Sports, the guesswork is gone. You know that contract cannot be had for a lower price. The era of buying signage and hoping for business is long gone.

At Knox Sports, we pride ourselves on our ability to come up with creative brand solutions that trigger top-of-mind awareness and more importantly – a consumer reaction. We demand that our clients create measurable tools to judge branding success, and we hold the athletic partners responsible for achieving these goals. Effective branding is complete integration and the nasty truth is that most athletic organizations are simply not very good at creative solutions. But we are. Knox Sports will find innovative ways to bring your brand directly to your consumer using tools that will only seem obvious after you and the team enthusiastically renew your partnership the next year.

So, whether you simply want to save money on your existing deal or your sports sponsorship needs a creative overhaul, contact Knox Sports and watch your brand explode!